Top 10 Moving Tips for Las Vegas Movers

Relocating to a new Las Vegas home is a lot of work. There are tips and options to reduce the necessary work and stress. Though there are charges associated with hiring a professional moving company you may consider it. They have the resources to make your move successful.

  1. Start Early with the Process
    Usually people know they are going to move months before it happens. Planning the move correctly is half the battle and can save you half the work and grief. As soon as you know you are going to move pull out the calendar and a notepad and set up a schedule. Do not wait until the last minute or week for that matter to pull everything together. You will have many headaches.

  2. Set a Schedule and Stick to It
    Your schedule should allow you time to get packed, loaded, transported, unloaded, and arranged with due timeframes. You will already feel like you are in a constant rush while moving regardless of the real time you have. Don't compound the problem by giving yourself too little time. Outline a week by week schedule and stick to it.

  3. Consider a Professional Las Vegas Moving Company
    Las Vegas moving companies charge their fees depending on location, distance, load, and services provided. In your moving plan call several companies and do some leg work to see if they will end up saving you time, money, and stress in your relocation adventure. Contact friends and family to see if they have recommendations one way or another. You will already be spending money to get moved. Is the difference between professional movers and your time and effort worth it? 

  4. Organize Your Belongings Well
    It is likely that your new home will have a similar number of rooms and layout as your previous home. Categorize and Label your belongings and furniture so it is easy to unpack on the other end of the trip. Group as many things that are alike or in one room together. When packing your transportation truck or vehicle make sure to pack the most important, necessary things close to doors so that they will be unpacked first. It may take days to unpack and you will want access to certain items. Strategize so you have them available.

  5. Save for a Rainy Day
    Plan to spend money to move. Vehicles, gasoline, man power, and packing supplies all cost money. If you foresee a move in the future then plan accordingly and stash some cash early on. Save a whole third more money than you think because you may need it (who plans for that flat tire?). Few situations are worse than having to move from your home, having already paid for the first month of the new home, and coming up short on cash while trying to move. It is a very tight situation. Budget away some savings for your transition.

  6. Expect Mishaps and Prepare for them
    The Boy Scouts of America use a motto: "Be Prepared";. It is suggested that you employ that motto for your move. Have extra cash on hand. Have an auto jack and spare tire available. Have a first aid kit handy.

    Expect things to get broken. Regardless of how hard you try something is bound to get broken. Consider an insurance policy for some pricey items. Pack well. Move certain valuable items yourself. Don't let movers handle your jewels and other expensive items.

  7. Employ Friends and Family
    Hopefully you are able to call in a few favors from friends and family. Buy some pizza and coke and have people you know help you in a "packing party". Be aware many of your friends are working for you unpaid so they may have less care for your stuff than someone else. However, they can cut your moving time down drastically.

  8. Be Persistent and Timely
    Don't let the process drag out. Stick to your schedule. Be persistent. Motivate those working for you. If you let it burn you out it the whole thing drains you. Stick with it and get it done.

  9. Plan for People and Pets
    How are your going to transport Fido? how is Garfield gonna make it? how are you going to transplant your pacu? In your initial plan you will want to make sure you can get everyone where they need to go and make sure the pets are cared for. Many animals don't handle travel well and may need to be sedated. Talk it over with a veterinarian before it is late in the game. Give yourself enough time that no one ends up home alone.

  10. Pack Correctly
    Your goods can be well protected if packed correctly. Choose the right size and shape of box. Pack heavy things on the bottom and the lighter on top. Try to get everything into a box. It is hauled and stored easier. When you are done save someone the time and money and donate your moving boxes.

By the time you are at the stage of the move you are nearly there. You have purchased a new-to-you home or rented a property. Now you have entered the home stretch. It is a lot of work and stress but if you plan it right and remain persistent you will soon be able to enjoy your new home.


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