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Las Vegas has expanded tremendously over the recent decade. New communities are popping up monthly. High rise buildings have been completed and many more are scheduled. Residents moving from all parts of the world have found the value in Las Vegas property. The many advantages for living in Las Vegas draw 7,500 newcomers per month on average.

As developers reach the outer rims of the valley over the next decade Las Vegas city planners anticipate that Las Vegas is to be the next Manhattan...the Manhattan of the West. Spacious high rises join casinos in the Las Vegas skyline. A huge market center, new business and entertainment districts, including the art district, will draw many. Residential building has gone vertical in anticipation of the impending shortage of land.

People from every walk of life are moving to the valley. They are finding an ample variety of Las Vegas living options. Residential properties of all sorts are available to suit the tastes of people moving to take advantage of the booming city. As you explore the options across the valley you will certainly find something that suits your taste. Let us know if we can point you in the right direction.

New Single Family Living

Las Vegas hosts some of the most well known home builders in the world. Some of these builders include Pulte, KB homes, Toll Brothers, Ryland, Rhodes, American, Centex, Richmond America, Pardee Homes, DR Horton, etc. Thousands of homes located in any part of Las Vegas are being built to suit any family situation and price range. If you are planning to move to Las Vegas and have the luxury of timing your move then you ought to consider choosing from the selection of brand new homes.

Pre-owned Single Family Living

Home values in Las Vegas have been steadily climbing to match rising demand. Many people have invested and made a great deal of money. Most home owners have seen great equity increases in their own homes as months have gone by. Whether a home is purchased conventionally or via foreclosure or in any other way they have become a steady way of gaining wealth in Las Vegas.

If you are looking to relocate soon and do not want to wait for construction then we can begin finding you a home now. If you don't want to do the handy work to make your house a home then pre-owned homes should be your focus. Let us help you get started.


Whether a first time home owner, an investor looking for rental units, a small family, or someone who loves to live in a community setting, a condo or townhome is a great investment.

The difference between a condo and a townhome is in a condo the owner owns the area between the walls of the condo unit and shares the rest of the property with other owners. In a townhome the owner owns a lot, the unit they live in and all the area of their portion of the building and may only share certain portions of common areas. The choice of which to own depends on your preferences for maintenance and the sharing of common properties.


Las Vegas is rich in equity appreciating property. Commercial ground is becoming more and more scarce and those who own it can demand a premium in many cases for the use of the land. Shopping centers, office space, and industrial property is needed and leases well.

Las Vegas High Rise Living

High rise living is all the craze in Las Vegas! Several new districts are going into the central portions of Las Vegas. New high rises, 60 some currently scheduled, will be popping up all over town with breath taking views of the strip and other parts of the city.

How do I Choose a the Right Option for Me?

The first thing to do to find the right living option for yourself is to learn about the city and present your needs to a professional Las Vegas real estate agent. You will want to spend some time talking over the options and their locations. You will find that there is an option that will work for you. We look forward to working with you.


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