Las Vegas New Home Sales - Median Prices

Las Vegas new home prices are a strong indicator of the purchasing power of home buyers in the Las Vegas market. If median prices are increasing over a period of time then the Las Vegas market is strong and supply is low or moderate compared to buyer demand.

The graph and numbers below represent the median sold price of Las Vegas residential new homes. Las Vegas sales of land, multifamily, etc. are not included. The numbers are pulled from the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association. Relevant sales for this graph are Las Vegas single family residences. The numbers are usually pulled annually and no warranty or guarantee is provided by the SNHBA so these numbers are informational only. Please see the site disclaimer.

Las Vegas Median Prices

It is important to track the median prices in the Las Vegas market to get a feel for where it is headed.

Numbers below are in hundreds of thousands of dollars for Las Vegas new homes sold annually. The results are listed in reverse order with oldest dates at the bottom and most recent at the top.

Graph in Thousands of Dollars:


50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
Year Amount
2007 $280,085
2006 $335,315
2005 $309,990
2004 $290,287
2003 $209,611
2002 $186,827
2001 $178,920
2000 $161,893
1999 $147,750
1996 $127,250
1990 $116,990


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