Moving to or from Las Vegas - Questions and Answers

Many questions come up when making a move to Las Vegas. Here are some answers to help you along

  1. How long does it take to pack?
    It all depends on your situation. It could take hours for a college student or weeks for an established family with many belongings. It is best to start early and make it a couple of hours a day thing at first. Then, as you get close to time to move begin to make serious progress.

  2. Should I use a professional Las Vegas moving company?
    If you can afford it and want to cut down on stress and back aches then it is recommended. It is not necessary for some though. It depends on your situation and available man power. You may employ acquaintances to move the big things in exchange for pizza and a coke. It is a lot of work and is draining but you finances and resources will determine whether you should or not.

  3. How should I pack?
    Pack heavy things that you won't need in your day to day activities in the hardest to reach areas. Pack lighter boxes on top. Consider packing daily used items in a suit case or backpack and carry them in the cab with you.

  4. What do I do with pets?
    Before moving, keep them out of the way and in an isolated area so any messes they make are minimal. During the move, consider a carrying case or send them in an extra vehicle with some space. After the move, keep an eye on them. They are in a strange environment and may want to run away to find their old home. help them adjust.

  5. How do I transport an extra vehicle?
    Rent a car dolly from a moving truck company. Hire a friend or family member to make the trip with you. Buy them a bus ticket for the return trip.


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