Moving to or from Las Vegas - Packing Options

You will want your job to be as easy as possible. Packing correctly can ease your task when loading the truck, unloading the truck, and unpacking. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Use Boxes of the Right Size and Shape
    Items are protected best when they are in the right sized box. Put the right items in the right boxes so they don't rattle around.

  2. Use Bubble Wrap or News Paper
    Depending on how fragile an item is you may need to wrap it in bubble wrap or newspaper. Use the wrap so the item(s) don't touch the box edges.

  3. Organize
    Place items in a room until the truck arrives. Store them such that you can haul the heavy items to be stacked on the bottom and the lighter ones for the top. When filling the truck place items you need the least furthest from the doors so the items you may need access to are more easily accessed. Try to keep items from certain parts of the house in the same vicinity so you can move them into the new house in some type of order.

  4. Label Everything
    All boxes and furniture should be labeled so that movers will know where to deliver the box to when entering your new home. Unpacking will be much easier if you know what is in the boxes. Also, if you need to find an item during the process your task will be easier.

  5. Protect Furniture with Card Board or Card Stock Paper
    Cut pieces of card board and secure them to the edges of furniture and picture frames in case they are bumped. You want the cardboard to take the brunt of the dings, nicks, and scrapes. Wrap wrapping plastic around the card board and furniture if you don't have a better way to secure the card board. Consider wrapping old or worn blankets around furniture too.

  6. Reserve Items Used on a Daily Basis for a Suit Case
    Toiletries and changes of clothes should be kept in a suit case for day to day use during the move. If you stay in a hotel or in other accommodations you will need access to these items.

  7. Use Towels for Packing
    If you are budget conscious consider wrapping delicate things in towels so you don't have to spend as much on wrapping. You also save on the extra boxes for your towels.


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