Top 10 Las Vegas Moving Challenges

Moving from one home to another is a huge task. If it fits into your budget hiring a team of movers may be a great option. Be sure to plan effectively and follow that plan. Here are some challenges you may face in your move and some ways to overcome those challenges.

  1. Packing
    Packing breakables and oddly shaped items can become an nuisance. Find boxes that fit them snug and wrap them well with bubble wrap and/or newspaper.

    Packing items needed daily is also a challenge. It is often a good idea to start with seldom used items and then as you get close to departure you can pack items you use every day in a suitcase for easy access.

  2. Moving Large Furniture and Other Items
    If you can afford a moving company you will find much less stress with the large items. However, if not you will see items like beds, desks, appliances, china cabinets, etc. become a difficulty. You will likely need to rent a dolly or two and have several large, strong individuals help you out. Put them in the truck first and then pack smaller things around them. BE VERY CAREFUL.

  3. Items Get Lost or Broken
    Cruel as it may sound, you will likely loose or break something in the move. Consider an insurance policy for items of high value. Consider a moving company with a great reputation if you plan to use one. Label and categorize everything. Spend a little extra time and money packing correctly to minimize transportation damages. Hold other responsible if you pay them for their services. If you get free help you get what you pay for.

  4. Furniture May Not Fit Your New Home
    You may need to consider selling furniture or giving it away. Not all homes are alike and you may not find a place for all of your current furniture. It is suggested that you relieve yourself of the extra furniture before you move instead of after. Take some time on paper to place all of the items in the home. Be sure of what you will need and what you will not. Get creative. Consider giving a piece to a family member if it is of sentimental or intrinsic value so you can recover it when you move again.

  5. Storage
    Nothing like getting to move your stuff twice. If you need to use a storage company be sure they come recommended. Be sure you read their policy. You may end up with extra fees for entire unused months or for cleaning. Schedule your unit in advance and do some research to see if your moving company or truck company has a preferred storage facility so you can take advantage of a discount. Be sure you budget for storage. It can become a financial thorn in your side.

  6. Maintaining Two Households
    If you buy another home before you sell your current home you will find yourself managing two households. You will likely have two mortgage payments and sets of utilities. If you can help it, don't leave people in the first home while living in the new one. You will still need to sell the other home so it is wise to move everyone out to keep it clean and to minimize mishaps.

  7. Transporting and Caring for People and Pets
    Your initial plan should include the transport of everyone to be moved including your pets. Take care of people's needs to minimize your stress. You may need to get pet carriers and plan for hotels or other accommodations that will allow pets. Be sure to budget for meals, lodging, and vehicle space for everyone.

  8. New Driver's License and Registration
    Some real estate companies will manage the transfer of some of the time consuming documentation you will likely need to do. If not, set aside days (and a budget) shortly after your move to get licensed to drive and registered.

  9. Transferring Your Utilities
    Some companies will also aid you in turning off and on local utilities. Ask your agent. Otherwise, you will need to budget time and money (for deposits) to have your utilities changed over.

  10. Auto Problems
    As the Boy Scouts say, "Be Prepared". Make sure you have your spare tire and the necessary tools. Take a first aid kit just in case. Have the vehicles tuned up well before the move. Make sure the truck you rent for transport is also well maintained.

You want your move to be as smooth as possible. The time you take ahead of time in planning and scheduling will save you stress and mishaps during the process.


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