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A Las Vegas home inspector is responsible for identifying potential problems with a property. Typically, a buyer will hire one before making a purchase to find defects enabling the buyer to negotiate price, terms, and repairs.

At times a seller will want to know how to prepare for the sale and will find an inspector to identify potential problems. A buyer will have less to negotiate with if items are taken care of ahead of an offer.

Inspectors range in price, typically from $.10/sqft to $.15/sqft. With inspectors you usually get what you pay for. Some agents will refer a newer or less detailed inspector to a budget conscious or when a property is in great condition. They will refer a more expensive inspector to the meticulous and cautious client.

Not all inspectors are created the same. Some are masters in their field and recognized as such. Some are previous contractors turned inspector. Some are flat out rookies beginning a career. There are many details to a house so it is important that they are properly trained and certified. Without question you will want to have a property inspection done before a purchase. You will want a non-interested party looking at potential problems.

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