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Darren Hildreth, Realtor®, is a Full Service Las Vegas Real Estate Agent. He specializes in representing buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of Las Vegas real estate.

As a Las Vegas real estate agent Darren successfully guides and aids home sellers, home buyers, and investors to reach their property and investment goals in Southern Nevada.

Darren has been involved in real estate and business negotiations for years. He has owned investment properties and negotiated other business ventures. He loves the intrinsic value in real property and the science involved in arranging a solid deal. His family has developed land, built homes, and owned rental properties for decades. He realizes his clients will use him over and over again because they are treated with honesty and integrity.

Darren graduated with a Bachelors (BS) in Business Management with an emphasis in Information Systems from the prestigious Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University (BYU), a private university owned by the LDS church. He has applied his advanced education to the processes and negotiations common to real estate transactions. He is able to manage the complexities of a purchase or sale until escrow successfully closes.

Darren spent several years working in the technology industry. As a Las Vegas Realtor he has built necessary systems and processes so the appropriate tasks and interactions are completed. Real estate agents are often like master jugglers. Many objects must be kept in the air until the transaction closes. Great Las Vegas real estate agents are able to keep those things in the air without them hitting the ground, causing spot fires. The correct systems and processes must be in place to manage the necessary elements. Darren has put those systems in place so the ball doesn't drop.

Darren finds satisfaction in sharing his success with others. He spent multiple years in Mexico City among the people teaching and training the them how to improve their lives and family situations. He uses his Spanish speaking skills to aid clients as they move into the valley. He also participates in several organizations here in Las Vegas. He enjoys training and working with youth. He has spent years as a Boy Scout Master and coaches Little League baseball and a youth basketball team.

Darren realizes communication is key in successful real estate transactions. Darren commits to a rapid response to his clients and other parties involved in the close of an escrow. Normally, he will respond immediately. If a client must leave a voice message Darren or his partner, Nate, will contact him/her within two hours or they will reimburse him/her $25 at the close of the property. Try it. Call him. See how long it takes for him to respond.

Contact Darren Hildreth, Realtor, today to find out how he can help you succeed in the Las Vegas real estate market.


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