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As an LDS (sometimes known as Mormon) real estate agent Darren Hildreth and his team of Realtor®, helps families, couples, individuals, and other groups relocate to Las Vegas. He enjoys working with people from all cultures, religions, and creeds. He feels he can serve his clients by exemplifying the highest standard of integrity, honesty, and quality.

Darren spent two years in Mexico City as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) serving people in many capacities. He learned that typically a family's largest and most important asset is their home.

Darren is a Las Vegas real estate agent and specializes in helping qualified families and individuals buy and sell houses and other property in Las Vegas. He values the honesty and integrity of others and strives to be forthright with his clients. Darren is a member of the GLVAR as a Realtor. As an LDS member he has found the teachings of his faith and the code of ethics applied by the GLVAR instill the same principles of integrity.

Darren understands the processes of home buying and selling. He seeks to understand the goals and needs of his clients, whether LDS or not, to represent them and aid them in their real estate decisions. Let him guide you in your home buying or selling experience.

If you are moving to Las Vegas you will want to use the services of a Las Vegas real estate agent to find your Las Vegas home.


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