Las Vegas New Home Builders and Developers

The incredible buildout of the Las Vegas valley has required the resources of some of the most renown, presitious home builders. Thousands of homes are started each year in fabulous communities. Below are some of the builders who are developing now, or have developed recently in the valley. Contact a Las Vegas real estate agent to learn more about a specific builder.

As of the end of 2005 , there were 97 homebuilding companies (built 5 or more homes in 2005) operating in Southern Nevada, down 45% from the high of 179 homebuilders in 1996.

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Before you go looking at any of these homes get in contact with your Realtor®. Some builders will not allow you to hire an agent if you visit one of their homes alone. A quality agent can save you some big headaches by keeping the builder's agent on track. Don't go it alone!

The way it works is the builder's agent is actually the sales agent. However, your agent serves as a "referring" agent. They can remain in the process throughout. When red flags pop up or if you have questions your agent can represent you in clearing things up. If you use an agent who is not concerned about your goals you may end up paying for it. Set up an interview with us today. We would like to understand your goals and help you reach them.

Directory of Las Vegas Home Builders

Amstar, Astoria, Avante, Beazer, Concordia, Desert Wind, DR Horton, Engle, KB, Kimball, Lennar, Meritage, Pardee, Pulte, Richmond America, Ryland, Story Book, Toll Brothers, Warmington Group, Woodside

  • Amstar Homes - "Amstar's communities and homes reflect decades of experience and an unparalleled team of homebuilding professionals."

    Amstar Homes has developed for decades. They claim to offer the best of everything from floor plans to elevations, to great features and benefits.

    Amstar offers quality service after every sale so new buyers can enjoy the value of their home. They believe buyers deserve a home that is superior in every way. They tout superior design, construction, etc. and build great kitchens, unique master suites, and comfortable living areas.

    Amstar has built hundreds of homes in the Las Vegas area. They build many styles from family-friendly homes to luxury homes -- striving to exceed the expectations of every homebuyer.

  • Astoria Homes - "We build homes with you in mind...we give you a stronger foundation for building your life."

    Astoria Homes seeks to understand the home buyer and owner. They claim to provide attainable homes in the most desired locations. They offer prices below the typical sales price in the best parts of town.

    They tout the ability to maximize living area by getting the most square footage out of every room. The trim expenses by building with energy smart materials and methods. Their appliances and materials are top-of-the-line and quality rich. They hire qualified teams for design and construction. They offer a 10-year warranty on their craftsmanship.

    They have a design center where buyers can choose features, options, and upgrades. Astoria strives to tailor a home to the new owner.

    As a builder they focus on a great community with great amenities. Some include swimming pools, parks, ball courts, etc.

    From great designs to financing options to great customer care Astoria offers some great housing benefits. Ask an agent in Las Vegas to help you get started.

  • Avante Homes - "Avante Homes is committed to providing Southern Nevadans with the opportunity to experience the American Dream – the pride of home ownership and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it."

    Avante Homes has been around since 1992. They develop communities and houses in Southern Nevada. They have award-winning craftsmanship and designs.

    They claim to pride themselves in building quality homes based on their focus on excellence. They tout great customer service and commit to the attention their buyers need.

    They have a handful of quality communities catering to multiple styles and tastes. Five of the  communities are in the south end of the Las Vegas Valley.

  • Beazer Homes - "It is our mission to develop effective teams that will exceed customer expectations through leadership, empowerment and accountability, while maximizing shareholder value."

    Beazer Homes is in some 40 markets across the US. They are listed in the NYSE and consistently rank as one of the top ten single family home builders. They hire local professionals to serve as experts in the particular market and they are backed by a nationwide company with financial strength.

    Beazer also provides mortgage options as well as title and insurance. Their goal is to make home purchase as pleasant as possible.

    Beazer believes homes should be more than just a home. Many owners use them as offices, gyms, spas, etc. They design their homes with experts to enhance comfort and function.

  • Concordia Homes - "Our success has always been based on providing people with a home at the most reasonable prices, in safe and tranquil communities that are ideal for raising a family."
  • Desert Wind Homes - "At Desert Wind Homes, new home construction is not just a business – it’s a passion."
  • DR Horton Homes - "This family of Builders has developed a reputation for high quality homes with features and amenities other Builders often consider options or upgrades."

    D.R Horton is dedicated to building quality homes throughout the country. Flexible designs, affordable pricing and high feature standards are character of this Las Vegas builder. Homes are typically priced under $1,000,000.

    D.R. Horton builds homes designed by award winning architects. They build thousands of homes per years. Great customer service creates return and referral business.

    D.R. Horton was established as a family business. Since, it has successfully grown into several markets. It is now listed on the NYSE and is very financially sound.

  • Engle Homes - "For over a quarter century, the people at Engle Homes have dedicated themselves to offering customers a home buying and building experience that is second to none."
  • KB Homes - "KB homes have been considered some of the best built homes in the country for nearly half of a century. At KB Home, home owners enjoy high quality construction, unique architecture and quality, trusted brands."

    KB Home has been around for over 50 years. They consider themselves a premier home builder focused on innovation, quality and customer service. They strive to provide a great home buying experience for new home buyers.

    Countrywide KB Home Loans is the KB Home financial option. They offer competitive financing and program options. They are one of several financing programs to consider.

    KB Home is a national company. They are listed in the NYSE as a Forturne 500 company. They are stable and entrenched. Many of their executives have been around for years and have a grasp on the real estate market and the company's role in it.

    In Las Vegas KB Homes is well known. They have several communities. Many of their homes are affordable. However, they also offer higher end options. Have your real estate agent show you through a KB Home today.

  • Kimball Hill Homes - "Kimball Hill Homes® is a major U.S. homebuilder with very deep historical roots in the business of creating affordable housing with style and quality."
  • Lennar Homes - "Lennar Corporation, founded in 1954, is headquartered in Miami, Florida and is one of the nation’s leading builders of quality homes for all generations."

    Lennar Corporation was established in 1954. They claim to be a leading home builder in the nation. They are in 19 states and build thousands of homes per year. Their homes are affordable in price and tend to be comfortable and well designed.

    In Las Vegas, they currently have 15 communities with the base prices starting in the high $260's and topping out around $900,000. They are developing real estate in many areas of town.

    Lennar touts the highest standards for caring for the people they work for and work with. Their commitments include: Integrity, Quality, and Value. They care about the dreams of their customers. Taken from their site, "'Satisfaction' is only satisfactory. We want you to be Tickled, Delighted and Happy!"

  • Meritage Homes - "Meritage has a proven record of success throughout its history, and has enjoyed impressive growth since becoming a publicly-traded homebuilder."
  • Pardee Homes - "When you buy a home from Pardee Homes, you have chosen one of the most experienced and knowledgeable home builders in the business."

    Pardee Homes is proud of the many awards they have won. They claim to be America's best builder. They tout beautiful design, quality construction, fair business practices, among other qualities. Headquartered in Los Angeles Pardee has several offices located throughout the southwestern portion of the country.

    J.D. Powers and Associates ranks them toward the top in customer satisfaction and service. They are environmentally sensitive and energy conscious. They prove a home can be smart, comfortable, and good looking.

    Pardee understands that improving community is important. They participate philanthropically in many ways. They have built a strong, generous culture.

  • Pulte Homes - "In 2005, Pulte Homes received the most awards in the J.D. Power and Associates New Home-Builder Customer Satisfaction Study(sm), marking the sixth-straight year Pulte achieved this distinction among America's largest homebuilding companies."

    One of the fine home builders in Las Vegas is Pulte Homes. They have established a standard for quality and a reputation for fine craftsmanship. They are generally known in the Las Vegas Valley as a name to trust.

    Pulte is listed on the NYSE and is a fortune 200 company. In 2006, they built more than 41,000 houses as a company. In nearly 60 years they have built nearly 500,000 homes. J.D. Power and Associates has recognized them for their customer satisfaction in the various markets they develop in.

    In Las Vegas they commonly have 10-15 developments. Prices start from around $180,000 and go up to around $630,000 before options and upgrades. Their homes are valuable and their customer service is great.

    Their sales representatives have been great to work with from a Realtor's® perspective so get in touch with your real estate agent today and check out what Pulte has to offer.

  • Richmond America Homes - "Building under the name “Richmond American Homes,” our company has been honored as one of the country’s "Most Admired Builders" by Fortune magazine, reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction, quality and value in each home we build."

    Richmond American Homes, technically M.D.C. Holdings, Inc., has been around for more than thirty years. They have built more than 125,000 homes across the nation.

    They seek three key objectives. They want to offer quality homes, provide a rewarding work environment for their employees, and support the communities where they are located.

    They have received several awards over the years including several from Forbes Magazine. They offer mortgage options as well as title and escrow.

    In Las Vegas, Richmond American is very active. They have nearly 50 communities with many floor plans. The communities are spread throughout most parts of the valley. Their prices range from $200,000-700,000. They are known throughout the valley for quality design and affordable living.

  • Ryland Homes - "You'll find our communities throughout the nation. And, while many things have changed since our founding, one thing remains the same: our commitment to building quality and value into each of our homes. Including yours."

    Ryland Homes is a Fortune 500 company listed on the NYSE. Since 1967 they have built more than 265,000 homes around the country. They claim to build trust among their clients because of their successful history.

    Thought they are a national company they tout the ability to think locally to understand what buyers want in a given market. Many of those they hire live in the same communities they work in.

    They are home-grown. They don't buy up other builders to inflate their size but grow their communities and company one house at a time.

    They feature a loan center and design center to help their clients save time. They seek to make the buying process as easy as possible.

  • Story Book Homes - "Here at StoryBook Homes, our philosophy is simple: to build you a home of the highest quality and provide each one of our buyers with outstanding customer service."
  • Toll Brothers - "We’re committed to unparalleled service and exceptional quality, and we offer you the ability to customize your home by choosing from thousands of options."

    Home builders Toll Brothers tout themselves as "America's Luxury Home Builder." They are committed to quality and customer service and focus their attention on detail. They have won various awards centered around these goals.

    Toll Brothers in Las Vegas, Nevada has built several fabulous communities. These communities have quality features and amenities to combine beauty with convenience.

    The commitment for quality keeps home buyers involved in the process all along the way. Newcomers can choose everything from layout to some of the finest details to ensure they are satisfied with their home.

    Toll Brothers claim they have won multiple prestigious awards including: America's Best Builder, National Builder of the year, and the 1995 National Housing Quality Gold Award.

    If you would like to explore Toll Brothers homes in Las Vegas please get in touch with a real estate agent who can answer your questions.

  • The Warmington Group Homes - "We possess an in-depth knowledge of what homebuyers are seeking - traditional yet innovative new home designs and superior value - as well as the special comforts and amenities that help turn each house into a home."
  • Woodside Homes - "Today more than ever Woodside Homes realizes the importance of not only building quality new homes with lasting value for our customers but also building trust and loyalty. Our goal is not to just build homes for families, but to build homes for family generations."

View current statistics from the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association.

Please let us help you choose a builder to suit your needs as you plan to move to the Las Vegas Valley.


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