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Selling real estate in Las Vegas is as much an art as it is a science. Sales depend heavily on the market as buyers enter the valley and other home owners sell. In recent years the valley has seen periods where houses would sell within a few days and other periods where homes would take months. The key to remember is that the normal Las Vegas market sells homes much faster than the norm across the United States. Sellers are able to receive close to list price and they are able to move on relatively soon after listing their home.

Selling a Las Vegas Property

We recently had a friend who wanted to sell their house by themselves. They got started by throwing a sign up in their yard and holding the house open. Months went by and homes all around them sold and they only had a few looky-lous through their theirs. They quickly came looking for an agent to help them out once they realized they had so much more competition and that selling is much more than throwing up a sign. Selling property is daunting. There is a lot more to it than most people realize. That's why thousands of agents are able to stay in business. A good agent knows what to do to get the house sold and they are worth every penny.

Selling property in Las Vegas really isn't that hard if your agent directs you properly and you listen to their advice. They have years of experience and in many cases have sold hundreds of houses.

Getting Prepared to Sell Real Estate

Preparing to sell you home begins with improving its condition. Clean thoroughly, paint, do some of those things that really attract a buyer. Take care of the top 10 steps to preparing for a sale. Get your agent involved early. They can guide you while you prepare even before you sell. While making repairs keep in mind that you won't want to go overboard. Don't upgrade your house by spending thousands when the return in value you may get will come back in hundreds. Certain things must be done, some should be done, some are nice to do, and some should NOT be done.

Establish a plan. Know where you are going, when you need to be there and then plan the sale accordingly.

The Selling Process

The sales process is market the home, negotiate the terms and price, negotiate through any challenges, sign and close. Obviously, there are many details to be handled within each of these steps. A qualified real estate agent is the key to a successful property sale. He/she must understand the selling process thoroughly and have your best interests in mind. Finding the right real estate agent will ensure proper marketing, negotiation, and sale of your home.

Decision Making: Logical vs. Emotional

Selling property is an emotional experience. It is challenging to be remain a logical, rational, decision maker when you are selling a home with so many memories, where you have invested blood, sweat, and tears. Your agent will be there to present options logically so you can make wise decisions. Your agent will help you know what will really bring a great return when making repairs as well as where to price the house to sell within a certain time period. He/She will also help you negotiate and establish a team of professionals to make repairs and handle the details of the sale.

Hang On! Let's Get Started

Alright, let's get started! If you have prepared and your team is in place you will be able to focus on packing up and making a move. Let your team handle the sale and you take care of your arrangements in your next home.


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