Investor Selling Las Vegas Real Estate

Whether this is your first investment or you are a veteran there are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Consider a 1031 Exchange
    Defer your capital gains tax liability by planning to transfer your funds into the next project without withdrawing any amount for personal use. You will need to investigate for your area. There are usually companies that will do 1031 Exchanges in your area. You must sell a property and buy another like it of more value in most situations. They call it "like kind" property.

  2. Turn Las Vegas Flip Properties Quickly
    Once you buy a property to flip you are on the clock. You will want to pay as few monthly payments as possible. Get in and get out. Consider selling the property slightly below market value so that it will out sell another property like it in a slow market. Buffer the under valuation in your bottom line. The sooner you free up your cash the sooner you can purchase another project.

  3. Hire the Right Las Vegas Team
    Let your team do the work. While your team is selling be looking for the next project. The better your turnover the better the return if you get the right properties and prices. Pay your great team well.

  4. Repairs
    Make repairs to the home that will help it sell at a low cost. Consider repairs for anything that would throw up a red flag in an inspection. Over time you will build a team of repairmen who will get the job done quickly and economically.


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