Investor Buying Las Vegas Real Estate

Here are some things to keep in mind during your Las Vegas investment project whether you are a first time investor or a veteran.

  1. The Money is Made in the Las Vegas Purchase NOT the Sale
    Since you can't affect the overall market value of homes don't plan to sell a home in the future for more than what the market will pay. Instead, buy the home at a discount. Have your agent find homes that are selling below market value and take those on.

  2. Build a Great Las Vegas Team
    Use a loan officer, agent, title company, legal advisors, etc. who you can trust and who you know will get the job done. Make sure everyone gets paid their share.

  3. Pencil It Out
    Work the project out on paper and then run it past your team. Make sure the project works out on paper well before buying. Make sure you have a margin in case unforeseen issues come up. Although there is always some type of risk in these types of projects make sure to minimize the risk by building in a margin.

  4. Know Your Las Vegas Market
    Get a pulse on the real estate market in the area. Make sure you know what homes in the area are selling for and be sure that your margin is there after all costs and fees.


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