Time Frame to Sell My Las Vegas Home

There are several key factors in selling a Las Vegas home in a timely manner. Your agent will help you determine the value of your home based on location, comparables, condition, etc. When all is said and done it will be price that determines whether the home sells or not. The price of other homes that have sold in your area will help you determine what price your home will sell for. If you need a quick sale, price your home under the current market value of homes in your area. If you don't care if the home takes a few months then you can price it a bit higher.

Be careful that your home doesn't age too much on the market. Other Las Vegas real estate agents can see how long your house has been on the market and red flags may come up when they consider showing the house because they may think something is wrong with the house and for that reason it has remained on the market.

Sold Period Percentage of Homes
1 Month 40%
2 Months 7%
3 Months 7%
4 Months 20%
5 Months 10%
6 Months 7%
7 Months 9%

If your property isn't sold within 30 days, a price adjustment should be made!

If you are looking to sell in the Las Vegas valley give us a call or drop us a message. We will help you determine the price of your home. In the end the decision is yours but we can give you some pointers and guidelines to make sure it is in the right range.

*Statistics are based on National average of homes sold.


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